My 6 Favorite Design-Related Podcasts

It's not news to anyone that knows me well at all how much I love podcasts. I listen almost daily around the house or in the car, learning and getting inspired about any topic I'm in the mood for.  You could find podcasts on my phone ranging from sermons and motherhood to business-related topics, even a show here and there on conspiracy theories or true crime.

And, of!  Here are a few of my favorites:

Decorating Tips & Tricks

I appreciate this podcast more and more as I listen to more episodes. Three designers (now just two), all with their own design businesses, talk about basics of design and offer lots of fun ideas that are practical and actionable. What I especially love is that the principles they talk about are so solid, regardless of your personal style. Their design styles are opposite what I use in my home, but their tips truly can be used for any space - regardless of styles or budget!

Big Design Small Budget

This was the first design podcast I ever found, and I've been listening ever since. Betsy is a spunky, no-nonsense designer who isn't afraid to share her opinion. I don't agree with everything she suggests, but that's the great thing about design - it's an art that everyone sees differently, so it really challenges my design brain to see things in different lights! She does a lot of Q&A with listeners, and offers good advice on how to work in all sorts of spaces on a budget, and also lets you in on her favorite sources for products!

Build Your House Yourself University

If you have a new build coming up, this would be a great podcast to binge listen to. Michelle splits her shows into bite-size topics covering all sorts of topics on what all goes into building a new home, big concepts down to the nitty-gritty details. Even if you're hiring a general contractor, this is a wonderful show to be aware and smart about all aspects of your project.

How To Decorate - The Podcast

I followed these gals' podcast for a while, and to be honest I'm not sure why I unfollowed, because it's a fun one! (I suppose with all the other podcasts I listen to I had to weed some out...)  It's a trio of girls from Ballard Designs sharing decorating tips and discussing their own design dilemmas and how they tackle things in their own home. Of course, there are some plugs to Ballard Designs' products, but they do it in a very non-salesy way, which I appreciated!

Young House Love Has A Podcast

This one I also unfollowed because I wasn't getting a ton of value or inspiration from it...I do think if you follow this couple's blog (Young House Love), the podcast would make more sense and be more entertaining. But they basically talk about details and stories about current DIY projects they have going. They do offer some interesting things to think about on design topics here and there, so check it out and decide for yourself!

Chris Loves Julia

I saved the best for last. I discovered the Chris Loves Julia podcast just a couple months before they ended it (wahhh!). Unfortunately, I had already binge listened to all the episodes so I had nothing left to listen to...If you haven't discovered this yet, give it a listen. I loved Chris & Julia's entertaining conversations with their friend/host and all the ideas and inspiration they offered to DIY or design your own home. Plus, their designs (which they still blog about here) are amazing. Check them out! I may have to re-binge one of these days.

Happy listening.

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