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Updated: Jan 20, 2020

Today I'm sharing our living room design plans for our Revive @ Home renovation starting later this month! On my last post, I shared the kitchen + dining design, and the living room will also be part of those areas as we are opening up the main living space wall to become an open concept floor plan.

Let's take a peek at some 'BEFORE' shots...


Style + Design

As with the entire house, we will be updating the '90s aesthetic with one that's modern, clean, and bright. There will be a reclaimed maple look vinyl tile throughout nearly the entire main floor including in this room. We chose vinyl because of its durability and low maintenance, and we were able to find a stunning and very realistic plank made by Karndean.

We'll get a couple new deep-cushion sofas in a light gray/cream color in this space for a cozy look and feel, and replace the wooden stair railing with a clean + modern black metal one.

We'll keep a few existing pieces we already own such as the large white + gray wool area rug, large scale brushstroke canvas art, and tripod lamps (all shown on the design board above and on the 3D renderings below). Walls will be painted a light gray that has a tick of green and/or blue depending on how the light hits it. It'll be just dark enough to add a bit of warmth and depth to the space, but light enough to keep the overall feel fresh and bright.

True to how I like to design spaces, we'll keep furnishings to a minimum and make sure every single item we place in this room (and this house!) either has function or beauty. Nothing that we don't love, need, or use will make the cut to stay in this home. :)


What I'm probably the most excited about in this space is the cabinetry along the wall where our TV will be. We'll have a 10' long upholstered storage bench in the center for extra seating (or napping!), flanked by two cabinets for a nice amount of storage, just enough for a few toys, blankets, books, and DVDs. The wood detail on top of each cabinet will be the same wood element that will be peppered throughout the main floor in different ways and will house living room electronic essentials such as DVD player, router, and surround sound receiver. Otherwise all cabinetry will be closed to give this a clean, uncluttered, and streamlined look. The hardware and color of the cabinets here will jive with the kitchen, but will be slightly different so not everything is matchy-matchy. Cabinets in this room will be an inset frame style with black matte hardware, whereas the kitchen cabinets are a frameless Shaker style with brass hardware. Very similar in look and style, but different enough to set these spaces apart just a bit.

Other Design Details

This space will feel SO much bigger once we remove the wall the runs down the center of the house, and we are so looking forward to an open living space for our little family and for all the entertaining we plan to do. By taking out the loadbearing wall, we will need to keep a header across the opening, and then we will place one support post to carry the load. That post will be wrapped in the same wood again to continue the cohesive feel and look throughout the entire house.

We'll have a local welder build us a modern, clean horizontal stair railing that will enhance the modern aesthetic and add a crisp touch of black, which is another element you'll see in different doses throughout the home.


Added to the space will be two light deep-cushion sofas for maximum relaxation. These sofas also have a bit of wood detail across the bottom that will jive well with the other wood elements. I wanted these sofas to be interchangeable with the sectional sofa we plan to get for the sunroom (stay tuned for that room's design...let's just say the sofa in there will make a statement...) so that we can change up the look when we want. In general, most of the furnishings (pillows, artwork, lamps, throws, etc.) will be quite interchangeable in all the spaces, which was intentional so that it'll be easy to give these rooms fresh looks now and then without spending an extra dime.

I still have yet to decide what to do with the windows. Since this is a south-facing window, we'll need some sort of shades or blinds to keep the light and heat at bay, but I think we'll let the space come together a bit before we choose the type and style.

Stay tuned to my Facebook and Instagram pages for continual progress updates and pictures throughout the reno!

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