Revive @ Home: Sunroom

Updated: Feb 10, 2020

Today I'm sharing our plans for the sunroom update at our home, one of the rooms I'm most excited about despite it being the simplest update!

Here are a couple 'before' pictures...


The updates in this room will be cosmetic...It'll get new flooring (same flooring as the master bathroom), painted walls and ceiling, and a new ceiling fan. We'll be purchasing a mustard yellow sofa for this space, which is a risk for sure, but one I'm sure will pay off! If you remember from the living room plans, this sofa will be interchangeable with the living room sofas so if we want to change up the look we can.

The french doors are the same style as the other interior doors, but with black paint instead of white, and clear glass to allow natural light to bounce around this house like crazy.

I'm still undecided on an area rug (colorful and bright, or more neutral to allow me to play more with pillows and more easily changed out decor)...but this is the one I am leaning toward at the's a nice thick wool rug that will add some luxury and style to the space.

I am looking forward the most to this being a screen-free zone in our home - a place to rest, rejuvenate, read, do puzzles, have coffee, visit with each other and our guests, enjoy the quiet backyard view. I'm hoping by having a designated space for these activities, we'll be more apt to keep togetherness and rest priority in our family!

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