Why Should You Opt For Custom Cabinetry?

Cabinetry is perhaps the most important element when it comes to a kitchen or bathroom renovation - not only is cabinetry visually striking, but more importantly it serves a lot of function in these spaces. When gearing up for a renovation, it's important that your cabinetry choices not only reflect your style and preferences, but that they're also built to last. Somewhere along the decision-making process you may find yourself asking whether you should opt for pre-built cabinets or have your cabinets custom built, and today I wanted to share some of the reasons why I love custom-built cabinetry!


While pre-built stock cabinets are often made of lower quality materials and assembled with screws and glue, custom built cabinets are built by skilled craftspeople and made to last. The material selection for custom built cabinetry often far surpasses the pre-made variety, offering you the opportunity to get exactly what you want for your space. Custom cabinetry also comes with professional installation, so you know that it's done right!


When opting for custom cabinetry, the sky is the limit! You're able to select the exact species of wood used as well as select your ideal stain and/or paint colors so your new cabinets are a perfect addition to your new space. Often cabinet makers can mix stains to achieve an exact color, or can use any paint color desired, as opposed to selecting from a library of stock colors. When working with a custom cabinet builder you'll also have the option to choose from many different door and hardware styles, allowing you to receive a final product that is perfect for you! You can also select the location, height, width, and depth of every cabinet down to the fraction of an inch, making for a truly personalized space - stock cabinets simply can't compete with the level of customization offered by a custom cabinet builder.


Not only can you have custom cabinets built to look however you want, you can have them built to function however you want too! There are so many incredible accessories these days to help keep your space organized and functioning to the best of its ability (I'll be sharing a blog post soon all about the customization we did for our own kitchen remodel!) and a custom cabinet builder will work with you to incorporate accessories that fit seamlessly into your custom cabinets and meet all of your needs!

Best Fit, Guaranteed

While stock cabinets only come in standard sizes, custom cabinets are built to fit the exact dimensions needed for your space so you get exactly what you want and never feel as though you're wasting space. Custom cabinetry is a perfect solution to maximize space in a small kitchen or to allow for additional storage space to free up your countertops.

Add Value To Your Home

Are you thinking about selling soon or just looking to boost your home's value? Custom cabinetry not only adds monetary value to your home but it also adds tremendous value in terms of your home's overall style and aesthetic. There is just no comparison when it comes to the finish applications, construction methods, space utilization, and design of custom cabinetry. A well-designed and built kitchen will be money wisely invested. Surprisingly, it's sometimes not much more costly to have custom cabinets built than it is to buy pre-made - in some instances it can even SAVE you money, and you get a better quality product for your money!

Supporting Local Businesses

Perhaps my favorite thing about opting for custom cabinetry in a space is that by doing so you're buying local and supporting a small business in your own community! Some custom cabinet builders also use locally-sourced products and materials making your cabinets more sustainable.

As you can see, there are many reasons to choose custom cabinetry for your next renovation project. Whichever stands out the most to you, I'm here to help! Please reach out to me at with any of your custom cabinetry questions - I would love to help you get started on the renovation of your dreams!

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