6 Design Elements That Work In Any Style

Whether you're remodeling or building or just needing a simple refresh of your current home, here are a few design + decor elements that are so versatile that they really can jive well in just about any style of space...

1. Subway Tile

White ceramic subway tile is about as classic as it gets, but with a variety of other sizes and colors out there to choose from, this is a great direction to go for kitchens and baths for a look that won't soon go out of style (if ever!).  For a subtle look, choose a grout color close to the tile color.  For a bolder statement and to draw attention to the subway pattern, a grout color that is much lighter or darker than the tile can look simply stunning!

2. Black

Whether it's a pop here or there on small decorative items, or more bold as in a furniture piece or an entire wall or room, black is another classic color that is not only on trend, but it's probably the easiest color to find when shopping.  Black coordinates amazingly well with practically any color scheme and can look impressive in small or large doses!

3. White

Classic. Crisp. Clean.

Add white or any version of it (cream, ivory...) to add a nice brightness to any space. Like black, white works with any color scheme and can very quickly add a freshness to any room that needs brightening.

4. Greenery

If I could add just ONE thing to liven up any space, it would be this.  Sometimes all it takes is one greenery pot to breathe life into a room.  And...good news to those of you with black thumbs like me, fake works just as well as real for aesthetic purposes.  Greenery can be as small as a little pot or two as a table centerpiece or mantel decor, or for a bigger statement, a larger tree or plant with some nice height works great.  Greenery, just as in nature, goes well with ANY style or color scheme!

5. Natural Fiber

You've heard this one here before, but only because it's such a powerful type of material to add a great organic feel to a room.  A natural fiber rug such as jute, seagrass, or sisal works well to anchor furniture, or baskets with natural elements like jute or rattan can add function and style.

6. Glass

Glass will add a nice shiny texture to your space, whether it's in the form of a light fixture, accent tables, vases, or mirrors.  This is a nearly opposite texture as natural fiber, so those two actually tend to pair well together.  Acrylic is material that has a similar aesthetic quality as glass and is currently a popular material in furniture pieces, especially in more contemporary styles.

So there you go! Farmhouse style or cottage, eclectic or formal spaces alike, try some of these colors and finishes out...perhaps one of them is just the missing piece to make your space complete. 

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