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Client Testimonials

Before I hired Katie, I felt overwhelmed! So many options and ideas! She was great at sticking with my style, but helping me narrow down options and forming a cohesive space. We did a total kitchen remodel, so the space has changed completely! I love the space we have created. It is so much more functional and attractive!  Katie was so nice. Was never bothered by the millions of ideas I sent her constantly! She never tried to push her ideas, or make you feel like your ideas were not great or too weird. She was super helpful, and really let me take the lead, but guided me in the right direction.  She was just so easy to work with, she did all the hard work for me! It was like working with your best friend who has the best ideas!
hartley, ia
kitchen + dining + entry remodel

Before starting our project, I felt overwhelmed!! I didn’t think, and I know I couldn’t have done this project if Katie had not helped me. I absolutely love everything about our kitchen, bathroom and entryway. I love the layout of the kitchen which Katie designed with my stove/microwave in the corner, my pantry is so handy, and the quartz countertop is so pretty and functional. I have so much more space. Our entryway is so efficient with storage, and it looks inviting when people enter. I have had so many compliments on all the remodeling as well as the accent pieces like rugs, and wall hangings.

I loved it that Katie has so many ideas, yet is so open to one’s own preferences. Katie is so kind and patient. I absolutely loved everything about working with her. Katie’s ability to design gave me the freedom to pick the styles I liked, which helped me because I didn’t know what I would want, and she knew the people that could do the work like the cabinet maker, where I could go for my flooring, tile, etc. Katie is an efficient, talented, and reliable designer who is very knowledgeable and innovative in her field.

jackson, mn
kitchen + bathroom remodels
 front entry design

Katie helped me jazz up some space that sat vacant for many years. I needed help choosing paint colors and decor to match my logo, while also using the existing flooring in the building.  Before I hired Katie, I felt extremely overwhelmed! I don’t do interior decorating, I bake! Katie came in and effortlessly pulled it all together for me, and the end outcome is much better than I ever expected out of this building. I love everything about the design work that Katie put into my building. It’s basically my second home, and I absolutely LOVE being here. It’s beautiful, and I get compliments on how “cute” and “welcoming” it is all the time!  Katie asked me for some basic information and then just rolled with it. She knew that I had other things to work on to get this building up and running, so she basically took the info that I had given her and pulled everything together for me, with little to no effort on my part. It was EXACTLY what I had hoped for.  I have seen some of her other work and I knew that she was the perfect fit for me and my space.  Simplistic! Wonderful! Effortless!

lakefield, mn
small business commercial design

In our moving process Katie helped me develop my style. We transitioned some of my original pieces into our new space and cohesively incorporated fresh pieces.  I felt like I didn’t have a decorating style before I hired Katie. Since completing the project, our home has such a fresh feel to it.  My favorite part of working with Katie was her ability to organize. She says focused and works through the task at hand. She was so helpful and knew exactly what I would need to update. Katie has so much talent…She is so organized and resourceful, all while bringing the best personality you would want to work with.

granville, ia
moving project designs

Before we hired Katie at Revive! Interiors we felt overwhelmed and very indecisive. Since completing this project, it just seems so welcoming and updated. Our favorite part of working with Katie was her calmness and ease of helping us make decisions. Katie is down to earth, very knowledgeable, and very reasonable in ideas and pricing. We will definitely be using her services again.

dining room design + flooring selection
Mike + Karen
worthington, mn

Before we started, I felt like every room was unfinished. I didn’t like the flow and wasn’t satisfied. Now everything flows so nice. It is updated and has a warm feel but also classy. My favorite part of working with Katie was all I had to do was point and say yes or no. Took the work out of everything!  She takes your budget seriously and has the latest and greatest designs. Katie is a very nice person, she is honest and respects your wishes!

ocheyedan, ia
living room + dining room designs

Before hiring Katie, we felt frustrated.  We thought we had a plan for the furniture and how to lay out the furnishings in our home.  After seeing and hearing about Katie we decided to ask for her help. After finishing our project, it feels comfortable and at home.  The choice of a less bulky couch and spark of red chairs fits our personalities too.  Katie listens.  She sees what you have and can place it into a new area where it does the most for your home. She is very talented.  Katie made us part of the plan and let us say no which led to the right choices for us.  It was always a smooth visit with her and never felt like she was rushed.  Working with Revive interiors will enhance your home to best reflect who you are with exceptional guidelines as to the pieces you can use in your space.

worthington, mn
Craig + Nancy
living room design

Before we hired Katie, we felt overwhelmed. We love that the Oasis room is a very cohesive space now, with an open, relaxing, friendly vibe rather than how it used to look divided and uninviting. Katie was very thorough in explaining the process to us and helping us through each step. Also she was so easy to work with and intuitive about our needs for the room. She makes it seem effortless to make a space beautiful! Katie was so easy to work with and helped us make our space into something much more cohesive, functional, and beautiful than we could have ever done on our own.

Living Waters Covenant Church
gathering room design
worthington, mn

Our kitchen and great room were dated and boring before we hired Katie. We like the added color, warmth and updated look of our home. Both rooms are more inviting and comfortable.  Katie was very accessible and open to combining our ideas with her design suggestions. She understood our goals for each space and used our existing furnishings to complement the changes made to each room. We have a very comfortable relationship with Katie and felt she always had our best interest in mind. Her suggestions were wonderful, and she helped us think outside the box with color and design choices. She looks at spaces with a practical and fresh perspective.  Revive offers a stress-free approach to fresh ideas while keeping the personality of the customer and goals of each space the top priority!

kitchen + great room design
worthington, mn

I felt overwhelmed with how to actually go about designing our basement remodel to make it the way we wanted and to get the most out of the space we had. We absolutely love everything about it. It is absolutely beautiful and very functional.  Katie was awesome in every way! We loved her ideas and she was very willing to listen to what we wanted and our ideas also. She was easy to get a hold of if something needed to be changed last-minute.  Katie had the same ideas and a lot of the same taste as we did, and we could never have done this remodel without her! Being able to see the actual plans of what she came up with before the project got started was huge for us and helped so much.  Amazing!!!

basement family room remodel + bar design
worthington, mn

We took a chimney out, leaving us space to expand our bathrooms. Katie designed a new vanity and cupboards on both floors and expanded our shower. In our living room Katie designed a light, fresh wall unit with a storage bench and shelf. We also added beautiful sliding doors to separate our office area and our living space.  Before we hired Katie, we felt like we needed an updated look. We had some ideas but needed help to put things in motion. Katie was able to do that for us. We totally flipped the layout of our living space. We love that. And our new bathroom and shower are just fantastic. I feel like it’s a luxury when showering in our new tiled shower.  Katie was great to work with. She listened to our ideas and ran with them. She also had the right people to work with. Katie handled all the pieces and people and orchestrated everything. If we had questions or concerns, Katie handled it!  She was able to come to our home and design what was appropriate for our house. So great to work with someone local with great ideas!  Katie can handle anything!

living room + bathroom designs
windom, mn

Before we hired Katie, I felt like I wasn’t going to be able to put all the pieces together well. I felt overwhelmed at how many choices there are for everything, and I needed help to narrow down the choices.  It’s a complete transformation! It’s open, light, functional, and beautiful!  Katie narrowed down choices so I wasn’t so overwhelmed. She knows what’s available because she’s dealing with design every day. She helped me find things in our price range and got me out of my box. I also appreciate her patience and integrity.  It saved us a lot of time, and also money because we wouldn’t be as apt to make mistakes.  Katie wanted us to LOVE our home and she had the knowledge and patience to help us put together the elements to make that happen!

kitchen, living, dining, laundry room remodels
reading, mn

Before we hired Katie, I felt like I wasn’t going to be able to put all the pieces together well. I felt overwhelmed at how many choices there are for everything, and I needed help to narrow down the choices.  It’s a complete transformation! It’s open, light, functional, and beautiful!  Katie narrowed down choices so I wasn’t so overwhelmed. She knows what’s available because she’s dealing with design every day. She helped me find things in our price range and got me out of my box. I also appreciate her patience and integrity.  It saved us a lot of time, and also money because we wouldn’t be as apt to make mistakes.  Katie wanted us to LOVE our home and she had the knowledge and patience to help us put together the elements to make that happen!

Krista, Painted Prairie Vineyard
winery design
currie, mn

Katie helped us design our main living space in our new home. Before we called her, I felt overwhelmed with so many decisions and not knowing where to even begin.  I LOVE my main living space. Everything flows so nicely from the floors to the fireplace. My favorite part of working with Katie was how she took my ideas and helped refine them so everything would look good together. She was full of valuable knowledge and resources. She was quick to respond too.  Revive! was the right pick for me because it helped me not stress over every detail. Once something was decided with her, we moved onto the next thing. I also loved that we decided things early on so there was less to worry about at the very end. I loved that she helped with just as much or as little as I wanted, I can’t sing her praises more!  She was able to capture exactly what I had envisioned in our design plan and was able to take a lot of my stress away.

main living space design - new construction
fulda, mn

We worked with Katie on a complete remodel of our kitchen, breakfast area, and powder room. We also redid our dining and living rooms. Before hiring Katie, we felt unsure of how to choose materials which would create the look and design I wanted. My husband and I have strong individual tastes, and I anticipated conflicting choices. Katie was a tremendous asset by listening and pulling our ideas into a pleasing design. Now we love the functionality of the kitchen. Katie worked with the contractor and cabinet builder to gain storage spaces to meet our specific needs. We love the combinations of color and texture of materials. The design reflects our tastes, and yet looks rich and classic. Finally although we made small changes in the living and dining room, Katie used our existing furniture and artwork to create a totally new look.  My favorie part of working with Katie was her listening and communication skills. We completed a questionnaire before meeting which gave us an opportunity to articulate our vision and taste. Beginning with this information, Katie communicated possible design choices drawn from her wealth of ideas and resources. This began the process where we explored possibilities and narrowed choices. Katie kept the team organized, on schedule, and provided needed communication between individuals. She never hesitated to call anyone or check on any aspect of the project.  Katie was the right pick for me because of her honest approach to design and detailed organization skills.  Our exchange of ideas was open and honest, and I never felt that my ideas were wrong. She took my comments and showed me possibilities. Above all, Katie’s sense and eye for color is terrific.  She possesses a broad knowledge of design, construction, and color, which she skillfully communicates to her clients, resulting in an organized process and professional project.  We truly enjoyed the process and are thrilled with the final results!

kitchen, dining room, living room, & powder room designs
worthington, mn

I felt overwhelmed and not sure what to do first before I hired Katie. I love my new large island, the workspace I have for baking and cooking now, and I enjoy the sitting area on the island. In the master bathroom we love the open shower, no shower door, and very little glass to keep clean! Katie listened to my needs and wants for both my kitchen and master bathroom projects. She was very professional and personable. I liked the renderings she showed me of what it would look like prior to starting the remodeling. She was willing to work around my schedule and listen to me if I had suggestions.  Katie is very up to date with the latest styles, and she is very interested in listening to what you like, I highly recommend her.

kitchen remodel design
worthington, mn

Before I hired Katie, I felt overwhelmed by many choices and design styles. Now I love the brightness, airy-ness, beauty and functionality of our space. I love how the reconfiguration of our space has made room for our whole family to be together. I appreciated Katie’s ability to bring our ideas (that felt overwhelming) into a cohesive, beautiful space!  We are so thankful!  Katie brings clarity, confidence, and beauty into design decisions.

kitchen + master bathroom designs
lakefield, mn

I was overwhelmed with too many ideas before I hired Katie, and I had no idea how to make the space function to its fullest potential.  I love the space that Katie helped me design. It is beautiful but also has so much storage and functions so well for my family and me.  She listened to everything that I told her I was looking for, even when my thoughts or ideas where a little chaotic. She brought in great ideas but ultimately let me make the decisions as to what I really liked and what felt like me. When something wasn’t quite right, she was willing to go back to the design and tweak it so it felt more like my space.  Katie is fantastic!  She has great ideas and her designs are stunning, plus she was so easy to work with.  Such an easy process.

kitchen + main living space design
jackson, mn
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