Behind The Scenes At Okoboji Parade of Homes

This past weekend my mom, husband, and I took some time away to visit the Okoboji Parade of Homes, and let me tell you - it did not disappoint! This year they featured 6 distinct properties ranging in styles from an old traditional craftsman home in the country boasting original details and character, to a brand new, modern home on Lake Okoboji with elegant, sleek elements. Walking through these homes gave us so much inspiration for our own home remodels coming in the next year!

I wanted to share with you some of my absolute favorite features from the show to help inspire you in your own home design endeavors!

Hidden Pantries

One of the coolest things we saw featured in two of the homes was the seamless, hidden walk-in pantry in the kitchen. When the doors are closed, they appear to just be tall cabinets, but they open beautifully into large walk-in pantries.

White on White

We noticed TONS of white in the modern homes including trim, walls, doors, furnishings, bathroom tile, cabinets, even carpet! This paired with the natural light spilling in everywhere from the large, lake-facing windows made for an incredibly light, bright, and open feel throughout the entire home. The black grid windows in the modern homes created an absolutely stunning high-contrast pop against the large doses of white.

Quartz, Quartz, Quartz!

All of the homes, while each so different in their style, age, and aesthetics, had beautiful quartz countertops in a variety of different styles. It was so cool to witness how versatile this material is, and how gorgeous it can be in such different settings! The "Modern Farmhouse" even had a quartz backsplash to match the countertop for a sleek, seamless look.

Vinyl Flooring

Another thing that really stood out was the use of luxury vinyl planks (mostly wood-look) used throughout the homes. While there were a few homes that had hardwood flooring in the main areas, vinyl really seemed to be used more often than not - and no wonder! Vinyl is such a practical and beautiful material for wet + sandy toes coming in from time out on the lake!

Exteriors - Beautiful Views, Outdoor Living, and Intentional Design Details

While the interiors of these homes were stunning, the exteriors boasted beauty to match! When it comes to lake-front living, decks and patios overlooking the water are a given, but we found that even the homes that weren't on the lake had either stunning window views, gorgeous exterior living spaces, and/or beautifully curated landscaping. My very favorite exterior of the day was an established acreage complete with large gardens, a cozy hammock, a small storage shed which had been converted to a kid's playhouse, and a patio area from an old grain bin site.

Gorgeous Example From OneKindDesign


Each of the featured homes had a very different vibe, but the flow from exterior to interior and from room to room within each home flowed absolutely seamlessly. Check out this awesome "boat house" which was a small living space added above a huge garage/shed. This space was a sight to see - done in a nautical ship vibe complete with industrial elements, a rope railing, and porthole doors!

Some other favorite features include the sleek + modern black stair railing, black stainless appliances in the kitchen, large (3x12 in) subway tile applied to entire kitchen walls, and floating, wall-mounted vanities.

There was so much to see, and so many beautiful, inspirational details found in these homes. I can't wait to incorporate some of my favorite features into our home renovation! Is there a certain element from the homes that stands out to you? I'd love to hear your favorite features in the comments below!

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