6 Textures to Add to Any Space

Texture is one of the most underrated elements of decorating.  When thinking of updating the decor in a space, usually colors, style, furnishings, and patterns come to mind.  Texture is defined as "the feel, appearance, or consistency of a surface or a substance."  When a room appeals not only to the eye, but also to the sense of touch, it adds an extra richness and interest.

Here are 6 basic textures that can easily be added in most rooms and would work well with many styles...

1 | Wood

This could already be present in flooring, furniture, doors, and trim but could be added in wall decor, storage pieces, window coverings, lamps, or clocks.  As long as all the finishes and styles work together, you can include different types of wood in the same area.

2 | Glass or other shiny finishes

Vases, mirrors, ceramic pots, lamp bases...This finish is probably one of the easiest textures to incorporate in a space because of its versatility. 

3 | Leathers, Hides, and Faux Furs

These are some my favorite textures to add as an unexpected pop of interest to a space, particularly living areas and bedrooms because of how warm and luxurious they can make things look! Even a throw pillow, blanket, or area rug that has a nice "fluffy" look to it will have the same effect as faux fur.

4 | Botanicals

Also a favorite of mine because of its complete versatility.  Florals in any color, indoor plants or trees, and the like are a fantastic way to fill 'dead' space and bring the outdoors in to absolutely any existing style or color scheme.

5 | Naturals

The great thing about natural materials is that most are very neutral and can be easier to coordinate with than with patterns.  Naturals are perfect in rugs, window shades, baskets, even flooring.  Materials may include bamboo, sisal, jute, or types of grass.

6 | Metals

Metals are often already combined with other textures or finishes, like on furnishings and framed art. Metals in decor and furniture are usually quite versatile and not too difficult to find at reasonable prices.

Are there areas in your home that could use a little more interest by incorporating a few extra textures?

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