Interior Designer vs. Decorator

So.. What exactly is an interior designer?  What about an interior decorator?  What is the difference, and who on earth do I call to get the job done?

Often times the titles "interior designer" and "interior decorator" are used interchangeably, but while there are definitely some overlapping roles in both titles, the primary role of each is quite different.  Knowing these key differences will make a huge impact in knowing what to expect when hiring someone to help with your specific home project! Today I'm going to dive into some of the major differences between an interior designer (like myself!) and an interior decorator to give you the confidence you need to bring in the right professional to help with your next project.

So… What Exactly IS An Interior Designer?

The goal of any interior designer is to create a space that is functional, safe, and healthy for all who use it.  Interior designers do a range of things in order to transform your existing space into a customized, functional dream home!  An interior designer will start by assessing the client's specific needs and lifestyle in order to create a space that is custom-tailored to them.  This includes space planning, creating lighting and material plans and selections, addressing structural changes when necessary, and working hand-in-hand with architects, builders, and/or other subcontractors throughout the process.  Is your space just not working for you in the way that you need?  Interior designers also make a plan for any functional changes that need to be made so that your space works for you!  

An interior designer can be there from the very start of a project, drawing up floor plans for your dream space, to the very end as they put up the final decorative touches, and some may work as a project manager throughout the project alongside contractors to get the design installed.  Designers don't just enhance the look of a space; they enhance the function as well.

Is it time to bring one in?  An interior designer is the best choice if you're working on a home remodel and require guidance beyond just the aesthetics.  They can help you redesign your space from the ground up and navigate the day-to-day details along the way.

Interior decorators, on the other hand, are all about the aesthetics.  They handle tasks such as selecting color schemes, purchasing decorative items, arranging furniture layouts, and hanging wall art.  You can think of them as a style expert there to help you in bringing an entirely new look to an existing space.

An interior designer might be the best choice if you're simply looking for a second set of savvy eyes to help bring your decor inspiration to life, or if you want to give a room in your home a makeover but don't have the time or know-how to handle it on your own.

At Revive! Interiors I'm happy to offer interior design services!  It's my passion to help you to create your dream space and to be by your side as your go-to gal every step of the way!  If you're looking to get started on a renovation project, let me know - I'd love to work with you!

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