Revive @ Home: Master Bedroom

In this post I'll be rolling our our plans for the master bedroom in our home remodel. Out of all the rooms in the house we plan to update, this will be the simplest design and least amount of work, but it will still be quite a transformation.

Here are some 'before' pictures of the space...

Design Plans

The master bedroom was another space that we planned to work on after the initial remodel was completed, but after mulling over what we ultimately wanted this space to be, it's quite a simple and inexpensive update anyway, so we're going for it as long as everything else on the main floor is getting a facelift.

We plan to keep walls intact where they are, but we will be taking down the popcorn ceiling and replacing the doors, trim, lighting, and flooring.

For lighting, we purchased a modern black and brass 3-blade ceiling fan that will be both functional and stylish. Two bare bulb pendants will hang from the ceiling on either side of the bed over the nightstands to serve as our bedside lighting instead of table lamps. Each light will be on its own dimmer switch that can be reached from bed, providing us flexibility and ease of use. This also should greatly help declutter the top of the nightstand and keep things minimal and easy to keep clean and tidy.

We'll also add an accent shiplap wall where the bed sits, painted in the same green-black paint as the entry space cabinetry. The rest of the walls will be painted a warm neutral color to give his room a cozy feel, but we'll lighten and freshen the room back up as well as add some contrast by using a large cream wool area rug under the bed, and this will also add a major cozy factor as the flooring in this room will be the same hard flooring as most of the rest of the main floor.

The bed will be dressed in a cream + black duvet cover and shams. I'm on the prowl for a simple wood panel headboard to give that shiplap wall a 'pop', but I haven't had a ton of luck finding just the right one, and may consider having one custom made of the same wood as the details in the rest of the main floor. Because this room is neutral and lacking in color, we'll definitely add some greenery somewhere in the space, and may even snag a colored throw pillow or two for a decorative splash on the bed that can be quickly and easily swapped out.

I'm also hunting for a couple bedside tables that are made of either concrete or metal to give some extra contrast in color and texture. The great thing about installing the pendant lighting on the ceiling as the bedside lighting, these tables can really be as large or small as we want as they don't have to hold a bulky table lamp...that means style will be the largest factor when I'm shopping (yay!).

My goal for furnishings in here (and everywhere!) is to be as minimal as possible while still being completely functional and cozy. I would love to not even have to put our dressers in the bedroom at all and just use the walk-in closet area for everything, but we'll see how our things fit once we get moved in. There certainly is room for our dressers in the bedroom if we need them, and they will work seamlessly with the design, but I'd love a little extra open floor space in this room if it works. We shall see...

Window treatments in this bedroom are up in the air yet...I'd love to get to the point where I'm okay with sunlight pouring in the windows when I wake up in the morning, but I'm definitely not there yet (ha!). I'm considering a motorized option on this window to be able to open and close the shades with a remote from bed...but we'll see how we feel once we start using this space and if it's worth the splurge or not. With never living in this house before, it's hard to know just exactly how we'll use every space, so there are some decisions we are wanting to wait on for now until we know for sure.

Curious what this bedroom will look like? Here's a 3D rendering of the master bedroom!

I'd love to know what you think of this master bedroom design! Drop a comment below...

This Wednesday stop back here to the blog, I'll be sharing the design for the adjacent master bathroom!

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