Give Your Space A Fresh Spring Refresh!

Ahhh spring is in the air! This is such a beautiful, transformative season - finally seeing the grass again and the flowers blooming after a long, snowy winter just fills you with energy and excitement, doesn't it? Why shouldn't we carry those same feelings into our homes as well? Today I'm going to be sharing a few of my favorite tips for giving your home a little TLC after the long winter months so you can get your spaces feeling refreshed and ready for spring!

Swap Out Greenery

Say "so long" to the evergreen and pine you've had on display during the winter months and replace it with some beautiful sprigs of eucalyptus or a luscious houseplant. This small change can make such a huge impact and will have you instantly feeling lighter and in the spirit of the season!

Change Your Linens

Remove the heavy plaids and flannels from your bedroom and replace them with a bright, crisp linen for the warmer months (I suggest a clean white, or light gray!) You can also apply this to any throw pillows or blankets throughout your home - swapping those rich, plaid patterns out for a lighter, more playful fabric, or even something with a fun pattern or color is a perfect way to effortlessly breathe some new life into a space!

Update Your Colors

Just as we mentioned swapping out your blankets and bedding for a brighter, fresher alternative, as you go through your home and look at your decor pieces, consider making some swaps there as well. Retire items that have dark, rich colors for something lighter and more vibrant. This could mean replacing a painting with something in a brighter color scheme, swapping out throw pillows and blankets as mentioned before, or even replacing a rug with something in a new color scheme. Store any winter pieces away for next season and instantly feel the cheerfulness of spring start to take over!

Add A Spring Wreath

Wreaths are not reserved only for the winter holidays, in fact, replacing your pine wreath with an inviting spring version is a wonderful way to welcome guests into your home and create a cheerful environment from the second you open the door. You can find beautiful wreaths made from spring greenery at most decor stores or consider making your own - this could be a fun and fulfilling afternoon craft project!

Create A Spring Vignette

Creating a beautiful spring-themed vignette is a perfect way to add a gorgeous seasonal focal point to your space. Mixing beautiful spring greenery or florals in a vase with scented candles, colorful books or framed photos, and other little pieces that remind you of spring will set the tone and make for a beautiful conversation piece. For all of my tips and tricks to creating a beautiful vignette, check out this blog post!

Include Scented Candles or Diffusers

Create a space that appeals to the senses by bringing in some springtime candles or diffusing essential oils. To set the mood for spring, I suggest light scents such as florals or citrus to create a refreshing, uplifting aroma throughout your space!

Bring It Outdoors!

Your spring refresh doesn't have to stop at the door...bring it outside by giving your patio a little lovin'! You can easily create a comfortable, conversational seating arrangement for entertaining guests during the warmer months! Implement some of my tips and tricks above and include bright, seasonal throw pillows, scented candles, and a few lush plants to your patio, and you're sure to be the host with the most at all of your barbecues and outdoor get-togethers.

I hope these tips have you absolutely buzzing and ready to refresh your home for the spring season! Let me know which ideas you're most excited about in the comments below!

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