Revive @ Home: Master Bedroom Reveal!

Today I want to reveal the next completed space in our new home - the master bedroom! (You can see my previous post with our plans for this space here!) I often feel that master bedrooms tend to be neglected, more than likely due to the fact that they are generally the least-seen rooms by guests. However, my opinion is that we should think of bedrooms differently - as I always like to remind you, your home should be curated in a way that serves you and your family first and foremost so that you're able to feel at peace within your home and recharge from all of life's demands. Your bedroom is the first thing you see when you wake up each day, and it's the last space that you experience each night before going to sleep - there's something so wonderful and even therapeutic about getting this space right in our homes!



Design Updates

While the footprint of this room stayed the same, as you can see from the before photos, not much else did. We started this renovation by scraping off the popcorn ceiling and retexturing it using a subtle crow's foot pattern followed by a fresh coat of paint on both the ceiling and the walls. Behind the bed we installed a striking black shiplap accent wall to really make that spot a focal point. This is the same color that we used in the cabinetry of our Entry + Pantry space - it's a color that you'll see pop up in nearly every room on the main floor, really helping to create a sense of cohesion between the different rooms.

We updated the doors and mouldings throughout the room to be simple, white, and modern. The carpet was removed and replaced with the same luxury vinyl flooring used throughout most of the main floor - we love the natural maple look and the seamless transition of flooring from one room to the next. We also updated the lighting to include a modern black and gold ceiling fan and installed a couple of bare bulb pendants flanking the bed - these simple updates make such a difference! This room took by far the least amount of work, but it still feels like a completely new space that feels true to the style and vibe of the other adjacent spaces where much more extensive work took place.

Style + Design Details

As with the rest of the house, I really embraced a minimalist approach to this bedroom. Personally, I don't like to have many items in a bedroom, so I used this preference to guide all of the decisions I made when designing this room. Because this isn't an overly large room, our king-sized bed demands much of the space, so a couple of small dressers flanking the bed with a longer dresser tucked away on the other side of the room is all we needed, especially since there's a walk in closet right off of this space.

I purchased the small dressers new, knowing that I would be adding my own personal flair to them - I have to say that taking something right out of the box and reaching for a paintbrush before ever even assembling it was definitely a new experience! I absolutely love how the olive color of the drawers plays with the warm tones in the wood, and the combination of the colored drawers and updated brass knobs make for a piece that is unique and unexpected. These are a perfect example of pieces that not only add beauty to a space, but functionality too - it's so nice to be able to tuck bedside items away in a drawer instead of having them clutter up the top like we were used to before. I absolutely love the size of these dressers...they're large enough to look substantial next to the king bed and perfect for storing clothes, while still being small enough to not eat into the room too much or feel oversized as a bedside table.

We installed a single bare bulb ceiling pendant over each dresser - they are small and primitive, but they really help to up the cozy factor in this space (especially in the evenings with their dimming capabilities!). These lights serve as our bedside lighting instead of a traditional table lamp so they don't clutter up space on top of the dresser (bonus points for there being less to dust around!), and each has its own dimmer switch that is reachable from the bed. They are definitely one of our favorite elements in the room and were absolutely worth the extra effort of having them wired and installed!

The custom maple headboard adds so much warmth to the bedroom and really elevates this space, while the simple slab design helps to reinforce the minimalist look that we wanted. The headboard features the same warm tones as the maple flooring, which you'll notice in coming weeks is the same wood peppered throughout the entire main floor in different ways and in different doses. This helps to create a sense of cohesion as you walk from room to room, allowing for a really nice flow without feeling structured or predictable.

We wanted to add a bit of warmth and coziness back into this space after replacing the carpet with our vinyl flooring, and this beautiful 8x10 wool area rug at the foot of the bed did just the trick in delivering that cozy factor we were looking for. It has a subtle color and pattern so as not to compete with the generally neutral color palette and the busier pattern in the bedding.

Decor + Other Details

This room has a bit more of a bohemian + tribal look than the rest of the main floor, giving it its own personality while still having a great sense of flow with the other rooms. The front-and-center black and white duvet cover really sets the tone for this space and is such a nice contrasting pop in front of the dark accent wall! The window shade that we chose is not only functional for privacy and light control, but its natural look brings an extra warmth to the room with the slightest touch of blue-green in the material that is so pretty next to the subtle blue-green tones in the gray walls, while the wool area rug at the end of the bed has just the right amount of subtle texture, color, and pattern to complete the space. There's just something about a wool rug that has that power!

The pops of greenery in this room are the icing on the cake - we incorporated a couple of medium-sized plants (including a fun elephant bush plant) on the bedside dressers and a spiky tropical dragon tree in the corner in front of the window for some extra height and funk.

Seeing this space complete has really reinforced my belief that we need to rethink how we prioritize bedrooms - waking up here each morning really sets the tone for our day and it's our favorite space to unwind in before drifting off to bed each night.

Feeling inspired? I've created a downloadable guide giving you access to all of the products I used when sourcing products and materials for this space! Click here to have it sent straight to your inbox so you can get started creating a dreamy bedroom oasis in your own home!

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