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I'm so excited to reveal our completed living room remodel today! This space, which we completely opened up to be one with the kitchen and dining spaces (which I'll be sharing next week!) is the central hub of our home and a space that our family is thrilled to be using and enjoying each and every day. I can't wait to show you this transformation, but first, let's take a peek at what this space looked like when we moved in...


3D Rendering



As you can see from the "before" photos, there used to be a wall separating the kitchen and dining areas from the living room, which left this portion of the home feeling smaller and more closed off. The most impactful change that we made in this space was removing that wall and completely opening the living room up to the dining and kitchen. Not only does the open-concept layout make things feel larger and more open, but it allows so much more light to bounce around these spaces, creating a bright and fresh feel throughout the entire main living area. Because the wall that we removed was load-bearing, we needed to add a large header across the span, as well as a support post that we wrapped in wood to stay cohesive with the design.

Perhaps my favorite part of this open concept space is that all of the hustle and bustle that takes place in the main living areas of a home like the kitchen and dining room are now taking place in one single space, which is just perfect for our little family! This allows us to feel more together day to day, and I love that I can be fixing a snack in the kitchen while seeing exactly what the girls are up to in the living room. Plus it's perfect for entertaining! I recognize that open concept might not be for everyone, but it is absolutely perfect for our family and lifestyle.

We replaced all of the doors and mouldings in this space to match with those that we installed throughout the rest of the house - a clean and simple white 3-panel door and plain white trim. This gives a nice simple, fresh, and bright feel throughout our entire home. We also replaced the front door with a simple black door that has a larger window than previously, allowing even more light to pour into that side of the house.

The wooden stair railing that was previously in this room was taken off and replaced with a custom matte black metal railing that creates a stunning contrast against the lighter finishes throughout the rest of this room.

To keep this space feeling light, bright, and crisp, we removed the popcorn ceiling and retextured the entire main floor using a light crow's foot texture. We've also installed recessed lights that are adjustable so we are able to light up the rooms as much or as little as is needed during any time of the day. Finally, I've added a few lamps throughout the space for style and layered lighting for that extra coziness when we want it, giving us so much flexibility in terms of how we want this space to feel at any given time!


The TV wall is the focal wall in this space, where we've added just the right amount of storage and function for our family's needs.

We went with an inset door style for the cabinetry in the living room, which is different than the rest of the house but still has that same clean and modern feel that we love. The white color is the same we used for the upper cabinets in the adjacent kitchen (don't worry, we're deep diving into that kitchen soon!). We also incorporated the same hardware as what we've used in the kitchen, but in black so that everything has the feeling that it belongs together without being an exact match.

The 30" deep built-in bench in the middle is a cozy spot for lounging and allows for plenty of extra seating when we entertain large groups. Beneath the bench are four extra-deep drawers which are ideal for storing (and hiding!) kids' books, puzzles/games, and toys. We topped the built-in bench with a comfy upholstered cushion, making this such a great spot for sitting, lounging around, or heck - even napping! My girls also think it makes a great stage for performing, so really it's a win-win-win! :)

On either side of the bench you'll see two cabinets with adjustable shelves (which I have yet to fill... but it's always nice to have a little extra storage space when you need it!), and above those are a couple of open wood frames that house our surround sound and DVD player boxes. The wood used here is the same that you'll see in many other details throughout the main living space - it ties in nicely with the flooring and helps to add warmth to the focal wall. These surfaces also provide a great place to add a little bit of styling, and I kept it minimal with a couple of table lamps, greenery, and a stack of books.


Another big change in this space was removing the existing carpet and replacing it with the same reclaimed maple-look vinyl flooring that we've used throughout the main floor. Keeping the flooring consistent throughout the main level makes for a seamless transition from one room to another, carrying that warm wood tone wherever it goes. For our young family, vinyl was a no-brainer as the realistic wood look was exactly what we were going for, but the durability of this particular product makes it virtually fuss-free.

In the furniture grouping of this room, I laid down a large 9x12 wool area rug that added an instant cozy factor. The white base of this rug keeps things light while the gray-blue geometric pattern adds some style, interest, and color into the space.


We selected a sofa and loveseat that has a modern yet cozy feel. I love the wood base frame on these pieces as it gives a bit of that mid-century modern feel without being overly so. The wood contrasts so nicely with the light gray-beige upholstery, and because the sofas are light in color and low profile, they don't feel bulky or heavy in the room. The deep cushions are especially comfortable for us long-legged folks, too!

One aspect of this room that was absolutely unplanned was the round papasan chair. I have always loved this chair, but I haven't had a good spot for it in years, so I had fully intended on getting rid of it when we moved. Before our sofas arrived we had thrown it in the living room for something to sit on and I started to fall in love with it all over again. Initially I wasn't a huge fan of the beige fabric that it's made of, but after the whole room came together I started to even start liking that and just couldn't bring myself to get rid of this chair. I think the round shape of it contrasts so nicely with all of the straight lines in this space, and the bamboo base adds a fun natural texture too. It was unexpectedly and without any planning, the perfect piece to complete the furniture grouping!

I placed a vintage dresser and oversized potted plant on the back wall of the living room grouped with a large family photo and a few decorative pieces like this fun accent lamp, clock, and a stack of books for a fun punch of style that's visible from anywhere in the main living space. This is the wall that you see when you enter the house and I love how the vintage dresser contrasts with the modern style of everything else, making it so much more interesting and eye-catching amongst the more modern aesthetic!

The accent pillows (count them, 15!) add such fun splashes of color, texture, and pattern that this space really needed, and the blanket ladder in the corner is a fun way to store throw blankets while also showcasing their textures and colors too! These may seem like small details, but they really help to pull everything together and give this room all the design elements it needs!

This living room has just the right amount of furnishings and style to make it feel complete while still holding true to that cozy minimalist feel that we were after, and we couldn't be happier with how it's turned out!

I would love to hear what details in this space speak to you, let me know in the comments below! And while you're at it, I've compiled a full list of all of the products and finishes that I used to transform this living room into a space that is perfect for us - click here to get it sent straight to your inbox so you can start to create your dream space too!

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